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There are tools and scenarios that will be helpful for any space RPG. Just make a few changes and you can utilize this website for your galaxy/genre/time frame

Why Traveller?

Well Traveller is from my era - before Star Wars but after Star Trek. I Like Role Playing Games in general because you have to use creativity and imagination to make things happen. Something you don't get from first person shooter games. Everytime I ran the game, there was always some interesting scenario the players would come up and it took craft and quick thinking to work thru some of the interesting twists that the human element added to a game.

Years ago I played D&D - was generally the Dungeon Master and had fun doing that. But being a science fiction fan I always enjoyed the thought of doing a role playing game in the future. And that was when I found Traveller, the original version. I played it off and on over the years. And my kids liked both D&D and traveller. Now I don't play as frequently, but I enjoy creating scenarios and tools for persons playing Traveller, mostly for the referee's use. Plus I wanted to learn some new programming languages - and why not have fun doing it? Hats off to Marc Miller for his creation.

Vandeet Traveller Links

Traveller Sundry Items Generator - fill that starport store

Generator Description: Not every Rock of a Planet has every item on it. So this item generator will calculate the items and their price close by the starport. Input the planets tech level, population, and law level or UPP or UWP and this tool will calculate prices and quantity availiable. Also this could be used generically for other space/future RPG's.

Gamemaster/Referee's Tools

Tool Description: Links to online tools for the Traveller referee/gamemaster. Playing aids and scenario design

Character Possession Generator

Designed for Non-Player Characters to give some added flavor, but you can dress up your players as well. Use the default values or fill in the input boxes to get possessions more in line with their status, education, etc.

Planet Military Assets

Calculates the units and the readines of those units stationed on a planet. Looks at tech level, economy, etc. to develop the information. Useful for Styker or empire building scenarios.

Powered Armor Damage Calculator

Sure your battle dress armor got hit and took damage - but what part got hit and what was the actual damage to that part? This webpage will calculate that for you.

Starport facilities

Your ship is docked, but what is there to see and do at the starport or close by. This tool generates a list of businesses and services based upon the UWP of a planet

Diced - An online dice roller

Pick the number of sides, number of rolls + any modifier

Scenarios for Traveller

With a little modification these scenarios could be used for any space based rpg

Scenario One

Finally got around to generating a scenario. Like all good scenario's it has a twist to it and leaves things open for future scenario's based upon this one.

Scenario Two

A more traditional scenario. Involves a mining camp on an airless planetoid.

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