Vandeets Traveller Sundry Items

sun-dry adjective 1.various or diverse

Not every rock of a planet is going to have every single item from the handbook on it. So based on the population, law level, and tech level there are going to be different items availiable and the prices will vary too. So this Sundry Items table will calculate the various items that can be found in the local stores right there and around the Star Port.

Some of these items are straight from the hand book, while others are borrowed from the freelance traveller website, and lastly some items are borrowed from science fiction. It is certainly a hodgepodge. Any problems or suggestions then contact me below via email.

Planet Population (1-10): Planet Tech Level (1-15): Planet Law Level (1-10):


Input planets (original rules) UPP or (new rules) UWP :

OPTIONAL: Limit number of items returned in results (enter 5,10,20,etc.). Otherwise leave this blank:

Version 1.3 Modified Jan. 18, 2012 Fixed logic errors and added limit to number of items returnes

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