Laechim – story line


Players Warning: If you are a player this is the point where you stop. Sure it is tempting to read ahead and get some inside knowledge but it takes away from the spirit of the game. And also if I am refereeing a game and it seems like a player just knows too much, then I would add a few twists - make treasures into traps or move them. So read on at your own peril.

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Sector Map The players are primarily in the top portion of the map for this scenario

Planet profiles for this sector

Laechim: 3-5 foot tall grain that grows only on certain areas of Nalutori. The grain yield is low and not very tasty. The value of this crop is in the straw. The cells go dormant once the crop is cut. After treatment by sodium and a light sulferic acid bath the fibers separate and now the fibers can be used as fabric for clothing. The plant cells stay alive and when the clothes are worn, they give a soft glow that reflects the mood of the wearer. Nalutori is the only planet where the Laechim grows, artificial processes have so far proven too expense to recreate this in the lab. And since this a living garment it has an appeal to the fashionable.

Legend had it that on the volcanic island where this is grown there are two craters. One larger old crater that is smoldering and sputters from time to time but hasn't had a large eruption in centuries. The other crater is smaller and more recent – still over 100,000 years old. From the time of the ancients. Molten fragments of metal have been found here and there and theory is that this is from an ancient ship that crashed into the mountain at high speed.

It is an ususal cloth and it has always commanded a good price. Demand has increased in the last 5 years and it has become a fad among the trendy set to own a Laechim dress or shirt. The supply has been hard to keep up as Nalutori is a backwater planet where the religious rulers ( la buena vida also the The Good Life ) shun technology and live an existance like the 19th century. So the grain is grown using a lot of manual and animal labor.

There is a shortage of labor, so to meet the demand prisoners and outright slaves ( the idea being passed by the rulers that the people used as slaves are unclean by their use of technology and need to be cleansed by work and sweat) are used. Unscrupulous people from surrounding planets are arresting folks on trumped up charges and getting bribes to make them into prisoners and sending them to Teeq for prison labor. And some are running ads for vacations, putting the people to sleep on the cruiseliner and when they wake up – they are on Nalutori where they are assigned to Land Claims (all land is owned by the religion). Women work the looms, men work the fields.

The flush of money has also brought corruption to Nalutori as they bend the rules to fill ever increasing demand.

Scenario start: Rizone C591742-3 S Lt (low tech)

Trader Jacks

Rao is the Patron who enlists travelers to send package to Rizone

5’ 2” 115 pounds very fragile looking. But very sharp, smart, savvy. He wears a chain with a silver half moon on it and a dark brown robe with a hood on the back.

Package is 8 foot by 4 and is metal. Has a panel on one corner with lights, a screen. Green light is slowly blinking about once per minute. Contents are a beacon – in case the players try to run and laser rifles – 12 - an old non-descript model, used and in rough shape. Offers the team $25000 credits to deliver with no questions asked to Teeq - to a corporation there named Masale Inc. 10k down, 15k upon delivery.

The Scam: He will ask the group to take the container ‘no questions asked’ as a ruse to allow the players to be kidnapped into servitude on Nalutori. If they do not bite on the scam then give them another short delivery and return to a nearby system and back for less credits to build confidence in . If he has to go to Rizone as a passenger, then he will. As we will find out, he does have a reason for being part of this conspiracy.

Rizone C591742-3 Lt

When the players arrive here there will be irregularities in the paper work. And that shipping container from Rao? It contains laser rifles – forbidden on Rizone. Agents from Masale Inc. will arrive to incarcerate the players and confiscate their ship. Charges – inproper paperwork and smuggling prohibited laser weapons. A corrupt port authority and judge will sentence them to 15 years hard labor on Teeq.

15 agents with a gatling gun, submachine guns, neural pistols, tasers, sleeping gas, body armor, face plates. Will try to meet players away from ship.

Lead Agent is: Bryrris - an ex-commando not smart but a lethal and effective man. Believes in being honorable. Happy, likes pranks. Casually religious. Uses illegal substances in religion activities, but not addicted. Always trying to invent unique knives, he will talk for hours about knives and their history, uses, metallalurgy etc. will occasionally get depressed.

They will try to get all the players to leave the ship and meet in an office just outside the spaceport. Then the special agents will jump up from behind the cubicles. The gatling gun is for intimidation, only used as a last resort. The neural pistols and sleeping gas grenades are the main weapons at the beginning of the encounter as they want to capture the ships personnel alive. Finally there is a neural net in the ceiling if things aren't going well it will be released.

If the players do not separate, then one team of eight will board the ship, the other 7 will wait in the offices. The port does have a tractor beam in case the players try to take off. Additionally there is a warship close by as extra insurance.

The officials of Rizone know what is up and they will look the other way or even aid the special agents. A magistrate will issue a bench sentence of 10 years of hard for the prisons – the term to be served on Nalutori in their penal system.

Side Note:

Masale Inc. is headquartered on Zirifafepa and has designs on the Agricultural world of Ranazipari. It is a conglomerate. Locals on Zirfafepa are discontented because food costs have risen since Ranazipari has drastically increased prices in a trade dispute and also low crop yields due to weather. So their goal is to invade and take the food for themselves. So they have made a deal with Teeq, they will provide slave labor from the ships crews and confiscate their ships for an invastion fleet. This has now been going on for about 5 years.

CEO of Masale is Bralti. A Solimani human. Educated and likes education. Tells Jokes. Likes to discuss philosophy. Superstitious - Keep house tightly sealed at night to keep out not only deadly germs but loup-garous. Enjoys fishing. Obsessive Compulsive – cleans constantly, desires order.

Trip to Nalutori

- The group is on a ship named Thayers Ive . They are in electricly charged prison berths. 6 to a cube. It is an uneventful trip to Nalutori. They find out that fellow prisoners are either convicts – true criminals, or ships crew such as them selves imprisoned on trumped up charges. The guards are neutral - just doing their jobs.


At the space port on Nalurtori the players are disembarked. Under guard a Consul enters the ship. He reads a manuscript that they have entered the penal system on Nalutori and will only be released once they have served their full sentence of hard labor.

The guards put iron rings around their necks and a chain runs from one iron ring to the next with about a 5’ spacing. The iron ring is fastened with a hot iron pin that is pulled from a bucket of hot coals, a pincer like device mashes the end of the pin to make it permanent. The ring is affixed with a crude but effective padlock to the chain. Each pin is stamped with a date – the date that the prisoner is to be released – if they survive that long.

As they exit the craft, the sky is a orangish hue. The buildings are stone – volcanic in nature. Hand hewn from the looks of them. The pad is crushed black volcanic gravel that crunches beneath their feet. At the next landing pad, there is a vessel made to transport people. People in vacation garb are being offloaded and have the same chains and rings. They are shouting in bewilderment. “We were tricked – this is not Pandora! What star system is this - how will we ever get home!" The guards are gruff, "Quiet unbelievers! You must pay penance for your sinful ways."

Off in another direction is a ship that is loading ex prisoners that are being sent back to where they come from. They are lean, hardened by the sun, and sullen. A couple are limping where their achilles tendon was cut from an escape attempt.

The Trip to Gaisn Landde Claim:

A group of 12 prisoners is seperated from the rest – including the players. The transport is a large wagon with 4 wheels and is made of iron bars. It is being pulled by a Foff – a large smooth skinned creature (as big as an elephant) with 4 horns – a small set going backwards towards the neck and a large set pointed forward, wide body, and wide snouth and mouth. Their color is red. 2 guards ride on front of the cart, one with the reins to the Foff – the reins are attached to rings on each nostril. The other two ride to the rear of the cart on the backs of fleeters – long necked, lean horse like creatures but are amphibian life forms. They have rugged, mottled skin and are a light shade of green with dark green splotches. All of the land creatures on Nalutori are amphibious to some degree.

The trip is just a few days. There is some conversation amongst the soilders that the players overhear:

Fishermen have returned from the North with stories of iron boats belching smoke chasing them away when they approached the island.

The oracle of the mountain is very demanding. It demands more and more tribute.

The Elders are now terracing the mountain sides to grow more Laechim due to market demand.

Sometimes it would be nice to have technology but it is too dangerous. The elders would disapprove and their vengance is painful to the body and the soul.

There is a rumor of a dangerous spirit in the valley of the small crater. A priest was corrupted by technology and died there 3 years ago.

Gaisn Landde Claim

Sir Gaisn is single, about 35. His parents came to this planet years ago and established the land claim, but were both assasinated. So he inherited the the operation. He is an imperial knight which some of the locals resent – probably more jealous than anything else. Plus he is from off world so that makes him an outsider as well. Rumor has it that he is ever watchful in case the assassins return to come for him.

He owns a yacht at a nearby port that is about a days journey away and it is not unusual for him to go out for a few days or a week or two. If any of the players have boating experience then they may be recruited to help crew the ship. It takes about 8 people to run the ship. He will take one or two over see'ers to help keep an eye on the crew. He is a bit of a playboy and is known to smuggle a date on board for a trip on the ocean (the locals frown upon fraternization without marriage).

He has a degree in biology and so he tinkers with plants in the garden and tries to improve both the vegetable production as well as making unique flowering plants. He finds the use of slaves distasteful but the elders assign them to him and expect him to produce a quota of Laechim. So he isn't as rough on the slaves as others and some genuinely like him.

The land claim is located at the top of the island outside of Wiltonsville - towards the mountains. Check out one of maps on the next page to get a rough idea of where it is located.

Sir Gaisn and the players overseer give the players a speech. And from Sir Gaisns tone and speech you can see that he doesn't much approve what is going on - but he must go along or incur the wrath of the elders. But he tells the players that escape can be fatal - dangerous creatures inhabit the land and sea's. And if the elders catch you and they are in good mood, they will just maim you by cutting your achilles tendon. If they are in a dark mood, then the punishment could be much worse - even death. 'Work hard and do your sentance and you can return to the life that you had.'

Wunson: rebel leader at Gaisn Landde Claim. (Land Claim because all land is owned by the la buena vida). He is the underground leader of the slaves in the area. He is a 35 year old ex-marine master sergent. He has seen battle and is well versed in small unit tactics. He is crusty and demanding.

Overseer's - there are 5 overseer's. Two of the overseers are actually converted convicts who embraced the religion and decided to stay after their sentences are up.

The characters overseer is:

Yonan Gleisen 'the butcher' (upp 594728) but his nickname is not formidable as it might sound. He loves to butcher and cook various wildlife. He is only 22 years old, youngest of the overseer's. He has a rudimentary education at best. He is about 5'7” and about 140 pounds. Slight of build. But a good fist fighter for his size. He comes from a well to do family and although he loves cooking, he has been told to be an overseer by his family. But every chance he gets, he is whipping a new dish.

He smokes cigars, loves to nap, and is very hard to get up. A pleasant temperament, he is too soft and too kind to be an overseer. He is familiar with seamanship, but doesn't like the sea. But Sir Gaisn frequently puts his skills to use on his yacht.

Lodging: There is a big house for the owner of the claim. Smaller houses for the oversee'rs and the slaves are kept in units of about 20-25 worksers inside a fenced enclosure. In the evening a pair of Skivvens is released from their pen to prevent anyone from roaming around at night.

Work: Men generally work the fields and there are some women who work with the fiber – dipping it in a sulferic acid bath and then softened with caustic soda – dangerous work and the women look rough from long hours and handling the chemicals. Oh and some of the men and women are married – there are a few young children scampering about.

gente de colina: these are the hill folk. They don't follow the religion of the flatlanders and live in the hills towards the interior of the island. There are several clans that are loosely affilliated. They sometimes have spats against one another, but band together in times of trouble. They are fiercely independent and look down upon the plantations along the coast. There are rumors that they have smuggled technology to their leaders. But if they have, it is well hidden.

They pride themselves on their abilities as hunters. They ride swift and hardy fleeters. They are excellent spearmen, but can use a a musket or pistol in a pinch. They get sulferic acid and some minerals from the volcanoes in the hills and mountains and trade with the plantations for food, money, and sundry items that aren't availiable in the hills. They are known as shrewd negotiators as life in the hills and the desert is a tough existance.

The leader of the local hill folks House of Detlis is currently Staun Ortsa age 34

cold impersonnal. A merchant by trade. Loves competition in spears, knifes, and other martial arts. Both as a particpant and as a fan. An intelligent gentleman has round brown eyes that are like two bronze coins. His luxurious, curly, smoke-gray hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a lionfish's spines. He is tall and has a wide-chested build. His skin is white. He has bushy eyebrows and full lips. His wardrobe is mysterious and unconventional, with a mostly black color scheme.

Streetwise 1, mechanical 1, medical 1, His father died suddenly and he has been propelled into leadership before he is ready.

The snitch: Colt Pemberton age 46. He is a knight. He is highly educated, very smart, very dexterious. Sneaky, combat savvy, can move silently. Has a little psionics: Innuendo -1, Intimidation-1, Sense-motive -3. He is a worthy adversary. Shunned by most he has only 2-3 close friends. He wants to get back to his rich life, but was caught like everyone else and is serving a false sentance. He is argumentative and impulsive. Spent time in combat as a sniper so he is a good shot if he gets his hands on a rifle. He was once a playboy and a carouser and wants to get back to that life. He is hoping his sentence is shortened if he gets meaninful information to the head overseer.

He is a worth adversary. Despite attempts to kill or discredit him, he has survived it all. But if he can be converted to the rebellion, he is an asset.

Ex-Marine(2) Noble(2) Mercenary(2) Traveller (1) Yacht

St: 12, Dx: 16, Co: 14, In: 15, Ed: 14, Wi: 11, Ch: 10, SS: 16

K/Homeworld-3, Navigation-6, Survival-4, T/Mechanical-3, Driving-7, Appraisal-3, Bribery-1, Bluff-1, E/Singing-1, Gather Info-2, Innuendo-1, Intimindate-1, K/Psionics-3, Leader-3, Liason-1, P/Banker-2, Read-Write K'Kree-1, Sense Motive-2, K/Imperial History-3, K/Xeno-sociology-3, K/Interstellar Law-3, P/Hunting-6, Hide-9, Move Silently-9, Spot-4, Listen-3, Search-3, Pilot-4, Gambling-3, T/Computer-4, Use Alien Device-2

The Rebellion:

As the players get acclimated, they find that there is a long planned rebellion brewing. And it will happen shortly. The early slaves were common criminals. But the latest slaves were captured from starships. Lots of engineers and technical people. And enough of them escaped to the Northern Island to establish technology and build rudimentary military equipment to attack the hated theocracy on the main island and free everyone. And more importantly capture the starport so that they can leave this hell hole forever.

Escape: The players can try to escape. But being caught means punishment and multiple attempts can mean having the achilles tendon cut. If the players make it to the mountains the gente de colina may turn them in if the reward is large enough. They are indifferent to escapees. They will not aid them in any event as they don't want to get the religious leaders mad at them. If they make it to the desert they must travel at night. And at the ocean the salt marsh will provide enough floating material to make a raft or small boat. There are some people that live in the swamps and they may aid the players. They are not allied with anyone and seem to shun civilization for the most part.

Another avenue is to escape to the town where Sir Gaisn has his yacht and take it. Then they can escape to the island to the north where the rebellion is being planned. There will be patrol boats to avoid and so forth. But that is a viable option. Finally, escaping to the only spaceport on the island is an option. But avoiding detection and somehow getting on a ship is highly improbable. In any escape attempt the iron rings around their necks are a giveaway as well as their accents. Word will spread and an award will be posted.

Wunson will try to persuade the players not to try and leave – the rebellion will start once the spring storms are over in about a month.

Sleksil: The rebel leader in the island to the North that has been gathering resources to overthrow the la buena vida. He escaped 11 years ago and has lead the effort to build rudimentary industrial technology. Primitive tanks, cannon, and even some small steel ships. All steam powered from the coal found in the mountains in the cold north. He is ex military. Highly intelligent. He is bald, average height, a slight paunch.

The clans in the hills are somewhat jealous of the wealth and look down with disgust upon the corruption that they are seeing on the island from the la buena vida. So when he offers to split the spoils from the conflict and rid the island of the order and once again allow technology, they agree. Thinking that even if the rebellion fails they know that the order won't want to retaliate against them if they are found out as pursuit into their hills and mountains would be a losing proposition.

Task 1: The Radio

A message has arrived for Wunson, the rebel leader, that a radio is arriving shortly. The radio is stashed below a wagon that will be arriving soon from the gente de colina. They periodically deliver sulferic acids and mild caustic soda to the various plantations who use it to soften the fibers of the Laechim. Typically there are 2-3 wagons with one foff pulling each wagon. There are 2 guards on fleeters who accompany the small caravan. The 2 guards know what is up and will ignore any unusual goings on or may grudgingly give help if asked (die roll for this) - a very low roll and they shrug their shoulders and look away rather than get involved..

They will arrange to arrive on a rainy night. This is done on purpose to make it less likely for anyone to see what is going on. Since the players are newbies they are the ones tasked with unloading the ceramic jars in the rain. Wunson has briefed the players that under one of the wagons will be a briefcase sized object – the long range radio and case. They need to distract the overseer somehow and get the radio to Wunson's building where it will be placed in a false bottom in his footlocker.

Yonan, their overseer, rousts his work group after penning the 2 Skivvens guarding the yard and the unloading begins. There is a map of the Gaisn Landde Claim compound. This will give some idea of the layout. For the most part all they have to do is distract Yonan, find the box, and get it to Wunson's hut. At least one player will be missing performing this mission, they need to somehow account for his absense if asked so that Yonan doesn't go looking.

Success: If the players are successful then they will rise in the eyes of Wunson and earn his trust. If the characters are Strykers or show military leadership then he may consider giving them a unit to command if they have been clever. Colt Pemberton will get a sense that something is up with the players and will try to pry it out of them over the next few days.

Failure: If caught, this is a huge set back for the rebellion. The lead overseer will be sent the next morning to contact the local religious elders. The players will be taken away that afternoon for an inquistion. They will tell the players that if they tell all, they can keep their 10 year sentances. If they don't, then their sentances become life terms. Technology is a severe crime. And they will resort to torture and even disfigurement to get answers.

All radios are distributed in the same week by the gente de colina. All are to report by moonset of the sabbath day. If all 5 radios do not report then it is known that the rebellion has been compromised and the rebellion begins prematurely the next day. This will make success of the rebellion less certain as all of the preparations have not been made. So if the players mess up, the entire rebellion could be in jeopardy.


Scenario 2 The Bloom.

When the gente de colina were on the way to the plantation they found a desert bloom of laechim. This is valuable as there is a market for the natually grown product. Most laechim has been seperated by color and is long and coarse. The wild product is multi-colored, spindly, and very fine. The seeds in the desert will lie dormant and then after a good rain they will sprout and bloom.

So there is profit in mounting a small expedition to gather the crop, but the desert is more hazardous. You have to traverse thru a mountain pass to get there and then cross the desert to the bloom - each environment has it's own unique hazards.

Spatorva – these creatures live in the desert and are a parasitic race that hitch rides on space craft and populate various planets. They have a queen that finds a lair and resides there. Then there are stingers that are small (medium dog sized) and have a poisonous sting that leaves the victim in a comatose state. Gatherer's with large gullets that ingest small prey and takes them back to the lair for consumption. Maraders are larger with claws and sharp teeth to attack and render larger prey into transportable pieces.

Sunray Dragons – not dragons in the terran sense, but their build resembles the look of a terran dragon. They have multiple brains and hearts. Meaning that it next to impossible to kill one with a single blow. Even if you cut off it's head, the body will continue to feel around and try to sense it's prey via vibrations in the ground. The gente de colina have special lances with glass capsules filled with poison that they use to dispatch these vile creatures. They are found in the mountains. If none are encountered on the way in, one will be encountered on the way back. They try to put the capsule in a nerve center in the back behind the first set of legs. Roll a single dice 1-2 and the poison is placed correctly and the animal collapses in 10 seconds, 3-4 and the time 30 seconds, and 5-6 it is poorly placed and it takes 1-6 minutes for the animal to die. Plenty of time to do damage.

Anyway the players work crew and overseer will go accompanied by two gente de colina. The overseer has 1500 imperial credits in a belt pack that will be paid to the two escorts once the work crew has been escourted back across the mountains. The work crew has 3 large wagons for the fiber. It takes 4 days to get to the location, 2 days to harvest and 4 to get back. Roll a single die for the days to harvest. If a 1-3 is rolled add a day.

Since it is so hot in the desert, all work will be done at night. They will sleep during the day in open tents. Sometime during the stay in the desert a scout stinger Spartova will try to lure away a worker with a shining piece of metal by a rock. The referee can roll to see who see's it first – and when – during the day or at night while working. The stinger will try to dispatch the worker and if successful a gatherer will come by to get the victim. If this is successful, the Spartova will try multiple times to lure workers away, capture them in comatose state and take them back to the lair. If the first attempt is unsuccessful, roll 2 dice, if a 4 or or lower is rolled the Spartova will try to ambush the workers with a group of stingers.

The workers will have access to machetes during work hours and since the territory is dangerous they will be stacked close by at night. The overseer has a double barrel shotgun. The 2 escourts have lances, long rifles and pistols. All guns are musket type weapons meaning that the reload time is 20 seconds or so for the overseer and the 2 escourts are proficient and can reload a weapon in about 10 seconds.

The escourts are fierce warriors, and are loyal to expedition. To a point. If it looks like all is lost then, they will abandon the party and head back the hills. If the overseer has died and the money is lost this raises the likelihood of them leaving in a time of crisis.

The Lair: If the players somehow find themselves in the lair. Like most creatures of the desert they are more active at night and rest in the lair during the day. But they are smart enough to post sentries – usually stingers, randomly around the lair. The Spartova have accumulated items from their victims and they are scattered around the lair:

Various bones – picked clean a long time ago. But a few are human, most of from various desert animals.

A backpack – old, a few small holes, but usable.

A pair of binoculars rough condition but usable.

A large canteen - empty.

An ancient compass. Very ornate work, worth about 300 credits as a collectible.

A machete similar to the ones that workers are using.

Two watches, one broken.

A bayonet.

A shotgun – double barrelled, loaded.

3 swords – one of which is unmistakably a religious sword, another is a long narrow gente de colina sword.

A spear like the ones used by the gente de colina with the poison capsule intact.

A flare gun with 3 flairs – from an ancient rocket ship. It is old and dirty and of dubious technology. If used, on a (2) die of 8 or less the flair works, 9 or more and the flair malfunctions. They are designed to rocket several miles up, leaving a glowing trail behind, then explode in a red ball. If used as a weapon it will do 3 dice damage and if what it hits is flammable, it will burn on a (2) die roll of 5 or more. This is a banned technology if the overseer finds it, he will give to the religious leaders.

A box – Again this is foreign technology. It is a metal box 3 inches by 5 inches. It has a glass lid that opens, an on-off switch and two lights, one green, one red. It is a stasis box. Any object placed inside (living or nonliving) and the switch flipped on (green light) will not age or alter in any way. The light is red and dimmly flashes every 5 seconds. It is empty. This is a banned technology if the overseer finds it, he will give to the religious leaders.

If they arrive as a victim they will be affixed to the ceiling for later consumption. If multiple captives are caught they are fed one at a time to the mother who allows her brood to suckle randomly thru out the day. They will awake somewhat groggy and their feet stuck to the roof with some sort of adhesive.

If all appears to be the lost, the colony will abandon the lair and relocate. They will not fight to the death if the queen can escape. But while she is alive they will defend the queen. If the queen dies immediately do a morale check on each creature. They will not longer fight as a unit. Do a morale check if 50% of the creatures around the lair are dead if they fail the morale check, they will leave. The queen has some telepathy and will order it's subjects around, plot ambushes, etc. It any of the players has psionics they may pick up some of the activity or get an idea that something is up.

The players overseer is not very militarily proficient. He can shoot, but has no idea of tactics. The players can score points with him and make him indebted to them if they can help organize tactics to overcome the two planned encounters on this expedition. Even though all they have is machetes, if the party organizes, they can help overcome the creatures encountered. The overseer will be sure and praise them to Sir Gaisn. Also the two escorts will take note and report back to their elders of the players exploits if they are helpful in the battles.

If the overseer dies then the two escorts will try to take the players back to the plantation. If the players rebel or fight them, they will warn the players of the dangers of the desert and that their clan owns the mountains – so good luck! If the players refuse to go with them, they will likely abandon them – do a dice roll modified by the players charisma - a low roll and they will abandon them.


Either in their first adventure, the second optionable adventure, or while working in the fields one of the players will get knicked up and need to see the 'doctor'. Although only trained as a medic, Iedia is the plantations acting doctor and does a fair job with the common injuries that she see's – cuts, bites, broken bones. Anything major will be referred to an infirmary in town.

When the players see her, they will be intrigued by her size – about 6 feet tall, and strength. But they will notice the half moon amulet that matches Rao's same amulet. She is Rao's only child and was kidnapped and sent here as security in order to get Rao to fullfil a quota of slaves to be sent to the planet and capured ships to be sent to Zirifafepa for the use of the Masales Corporation. She will freely inform the players about this.

She is identifiable as the daughter of Rao by the half moon amulet that she wears. She resembles him somewhat, but a larger and more robust version. She is 6 feet tall and would tower over Rao, she is an only child. One trait that she shares is the love of money. She loves to wheel and deal and bargain. But she is compassionate and can be an aide to the players. This greedy lady has almond-shaped black eyes that are like two pieces of darkened steel. Her thick, straight, black hair is worn in a short functional style. She has an amazonian build. Her skin is tan. She has a large mouth and a weak chin. Her wardrobe is spartan.

Her mother was killed in a pirate attack on a merchant ship many years ago.

She has some psionics - thought shield. Her training as a medic is of value. And on a ship her other skills make her even more valuable. She can be solicited to join with the players. Do a die roll to get her reaction, modified by her treatment by the players and the social standing of the one making the request. A high roll and she joins, low roll no way, and in the middle – she will reconsider at a later date. She will play a role in any event later in this scenario, but they should meet her now to establish contact.

At this point I had thoughts of putting in an adventure on the plantation owners yacht. But figured by now that the players want to get to the meat of the scenario. But wanted to throw this out there in case an enterprising referee would want to plan it out and add it. The owner is a bit of a playboy and once a month takes his yacht out. He loves the ocean and simply likes to spend time at Sea. And will many times spend a long weekend cruising with a single woman. A practice frowned upon by the elders.

This would give the players an opportunity to take over or steal the yacht if they desired and head to the rebel island to the North. It is armed with 2 small 2 pound cannons one fore and one aft. And has several large harpoons amid ships.There are some sea creatures that you simply cannot outrun and you need to at least sting them so they will leave you alone. It is 55 feet long with a single large sail. Crewed by 5 people, a first mate and 4 crewmen, one of which will double as a cook. He generally uses an overseer as the first mate and uses 4 of the slaves as crew.

Next Phase of scenario

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