Ziqna (0101) E56947A-8

Ziqna is a medium-sized planet, with a diameter of 8,110 km and a circumference of 25,470 km. It has seas of water covering 90% of its surface, and its surface gravity is 0.85 G. It has a year of 749 24-hour days; its actual day length is 13 hours. There are no moons. Average temperature is 15 C, with a temperature change of -4 C per kilometre altitude.

Ziqna has a transient population. It has many regional governments, and its laws prohibit all weapons. Its tech is equivalent to the space age.

On this planet, close to the starport is a local bar named Whiskey Petes. The owner is known to have some shady contacts and if the players discreetly ask, someone will point them to this establishment.

Ziqna Sundry Items - items for sale in and near the Star Port