Whiskey Petes

A dimly lit dive with only 2 small windows in the front. It has seating for about 50 - 12 stools at the bar and 7 tables. At the back wall is a door to the kitchen and several gaming machines. The place is well worn and shows it’s age.


This guy reminds you of a looming thundercloud. He has slanted silver eyes. His fine, curly, chocolate-colored hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a flowing cape. He has a graceful build. His skin is pale. He has bushy eyebrows and a large mouth. His wardrobe is no-nonsense and dignified, with a mostly white and blue color scheme.

He know where to find weapons - for a price. 500 credits is the lowest he will take for a finders fee, but he will ask 1000. And he will suggest Keithy as someone who can help them get the weapons past security.

Other folks in the bar.

Seated along the bar:

G'Vothua: Male Insectoid Paramedic. G'Vothua is thin, with an armored shell and long antennae. He wears a utility jumpsuit and carries a laser pistol (concealed). G'Vothua is fascinated by alien civilizations.

Keithy Colee: Male Smuggler. Keithy has long red hair and bright gray eyes. He wears a white jumpsuit and carries a semi-automatic pistol (concealed). Keithy is a wanderer, seeking new discoveries and experiences.

If Keithy is approached in the right way, he can tell the characters where to find black market weapons - and more importantly how to distract security to get the weapons on the ship. for a price of course. He will ask 5000 credits but will do it for a thousand. The distraction will be him going into convulsions via an illicit drug at customs. Thereby allowing the players to sneak by whilst security scrambles to help.

These two have randomly met up and G'Vothua is talking to Keithy about the planet that he came from. Keithy is in between adventures and is just chilling, killing time until something interesting comes his way. Now at the referee's discretion - if the party is light and needs a NPC to help, then Keithy would be an ideal recruit.

Table Number 1

Patrie Reenels: Female Technician. Patrie has green hair and white eyes. She wears a military uniform and carries a laser pistol. Patrie speaks with a deep voice.

Redy Hendez: Male Paramedic. Redy is tall and stout, with uneven gray hair and gray eyes. He wears a utility jumpsuit and carries a medical kit. Redy suffers an acute fear of alien creatures. He ococcassionally glances nervously at the preying mantis looking creature at the bar.

He is trying to start a relationship with her. They have met after work for a few drinks. Any overheard conversation is just some back and forth flirting. They don't know much that is of help to the players.

Table number 4

Cara Gerson: Female Rogue. Cara has braided gray hair and gray eyes. She wears a utility jumpsuit and carries a tablet computer. Cara is wrongly sought by the law for smuggling. She has a drink and some sort of liquidified beverage. They are planning to go on an expedition on this planet to survey some land for a mining expedition. So they are talking about the supplies that need to be bought, transportation, etc.

Varda: Female Mammalian Explorer - Varga. Vardana has two clawed arms and sharp blue eyes. She wears current fashion and carries a concealed laser pistol. She is eating a meal at the table.

P-703: Exploration Robot. P-703 has a dull silver shell and a pair of heavy arms, and is equipped with various sensors and survey tools. It is programmed to be friendly and inquisitive. The robot is with Varda.

Cara is aware that Pete knows where to procure weapons. That is the reason that they are there - to get some personal protection themselves. Roll 2 dice and modify adding by characters charisma and/or streetwise and if an 8 or higher is rolled then she will tell the player that Pete is the one to approach. Bribery will not work on her. If the players find out that she is wanted then this could be leverage. They are commissioned to do this trip by a corporation and have no interest in helping or aiding the players otherwise.

The weapons? Who is the arms dealer? It is Pete. He will tell the players to come back at night and have one of them tell the bar maid that there is a delivery of Spreckran Ale in the alley. He will tell the players to be sure to have a vehicle or container(s) to conceal them.

Pete will let the players in the back door and take them down a concealed stairway down to the basement where the weapons are stowed. If the players try anything there is a battle robot in one corner of the basement. Any hostile action to Pete will be met with a response from the robot. There is also a hot button by the stairwell that will alert the barmaid that something is amiss.

Petes Weapons

The prices given are a base price. If a weapon is in excellent condition it will cost more than base - up to 50% more. If a weapon is poor condition, it will cost less, but may fail during use - or may be non-working. The weapons are all the ones listed as Black Market on the Ziqna Sundry Items as black market