Scenario one - Players start.

Referee's - this is intended to shared with the players.

The players arrive by various means to the starport on the planet Rizone.  It is a low tech planet for the most part and rather poor from the looks of things.  Although there is a scout base and a  C class starport. Both are in poor repair and in the star port there is a moldy smell and it appears that the cleaning crew is away on holiday as there is dirt in the corners and although there is some traffic - life seems to move at a slow pace within it's walls.  

In the starport itself is a coffee shop, various ticket windows, offices for shipping companies - some busy while others seem disused.  A Blue Moon bar and grill.  In the distance you can see the city, most traffic is by foot or animal.  An occasional air rafter flitters by - obviously owned by someone well to do. 

There is a large wallsized display terminal that has several crawls on the screen - news, ship arrival times, weather and the like. All on different sections of the screen.

General News:

Duke Rechvour's daughter is touring Patoee. ...

Crop failure in Ranazipari, Food riots in Zirfafepa - leadership threatens war if food stores are not released....

Actress Linzy Von Helm in drug rehab after Tech overdose.

4 die in murder - suicide in MahHaben...

General Notice:

Free Trader Dakken Furst - disappeared without a trace in this sector, last seen 3 months ago.  Reward for information on whereabouts - Lesi Furst

Ship's Engineer wanted - apply at Couris Shipping Office

Boren Sehon - seeking cook. Departure in 4 days, apply now.


Hot and Dusty