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Zhodani Merchant Medical

12 12 8 8 5 4 8
Hits Terms Age TL Pension Rank
96 2 27 13 Cr2,000 Apprentice (O0 )
Steward-2, Thought Shield-1, Psychology-1, Medical-1, Liaison-1, Interview-1, Gravitics-1, Gambling-1, Engineering-1, Electronics-1, Computer-1, Admin-1, Vacc Suit-0, Propellor Aircraft-0, Laser Weapons-0
Bank balance Material Benefits and notes
Cr0 High-2 Homeworld codes: Port: B, Size: Small, Atmosphere: Thin, Hydrographics: Dry, Population: High, Law: Low, Tech Level: Average Stellar. Untrained (latent) PSI=3
Term: 1 Zhodani Merchant Zhodani Merchant Medical
1 College - rejected Route No Position
2 Special - Steward training
3 Special - Drive training
4 Spec Trade No Position
Term: 2 Zhodani Merchant Medical
1 Spec Trade No Position
2 Special - Commission O0
3 Charter No Position
4 Spec Trade No Position

She is identifiable as the daughter of Rao by the half moon amulet that she wears. She resembles him somewhat, but a larger and more robust version. She is 6 feet tall and would tower over Rao, she is an only child. One trait that she shares is the love of money. But she is compassionate and can be and aide to the players. This greedy lady has almond-shaped black eyes that are like two pieces of darkened steel. Her thick, straight, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a dustball. She has an amazonian build. Her skin is tan. She has a large mouth and a weak chin. Her wardrobe is severe.

She has some psionics - thought shield. Her training as a medic is of value. And on a ship her other skills make her even more valuable

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