Traveller Character Resume - Bryrris

Solomani Marine Commando

10 9 10 6 6 6
Hits Terms Age TL Pension Rank
87 4 35 14 Cr4,000 Sergeant Major (E9 )
Recon-2, Mechanical-2, VRF Gauss-1, Tactics-1, Ship's Boat-1, Mortar-1, Light Assault Gun-1, Instruction-1, Hunting-1, Energy Weapons-1, Energy Blade-1, Bazooka-1, Axe-1, Auto Weapons-1, Vacc Suit-0, Large Watercraft-0, Handgun-0, Computer-0
Bank balance Material Benefits and notes
Cr30,000 Homeworld codes: Port: A, Size: Small, Atmosphere: Dense, Hydrographics: Wet, Population: Mod, Law: Mod, Tech Level: High Stellar. Untrained (latent) PSI=7
Blood Crest x2 SS x3 BT x1
Term: 1 Solomani Marine Solomani Marine Infantry
1 Garrison E2
2 Garrison E3
3 Ship's Troops E4
4 Special - Commando School
Term: 2 Transferred to Solomani Marine Commando
1 Raid Wnd (lower torso) SS
2 Police Action SS
3 Ship's Troops
4 Police Action SS E5
Term: 3 Solomani Marine Commando
1 Raid Wnd (lower torso) BT E6
2 Ship's Troops E7
3 Ship's Troops E8
4 Police Action E9
Term: 4 Solomani Marine Commando
1 Police Action
2 Training
3 Police Action
4 Ship's Troops

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